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Arcade Overhaul On The Way

ARCADE for kids of all ages

Pins & Pints Bowling Alley is excited to unveil the transformation of our arcade into a dynamic blend of classic and modern gaming! In addition to our mainstays, shuffleboard and bubble hockey, our arcade will regularly introduce a rotating selection of iconic arcade and table games, ensuring a fresh and nostalgic experience with every visit. We’ve also added several new games along the concourse that the kids can enjoy!

This ongoing journey to bring you the best of retro and contemporary gaming is set amidst our top-notch bowling lanes, creating a perfect mix of old-school charm and new thrills. Ideal for gamers of all ages, our arcade is a work in progress, always aiming to surprise and delight. Join us at Pins & Pints for a unique, ever-changing gaming adventure where every visit promises something new!

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